iCTF Year End Review 2015

“No act of kindness is ever wasted.”

In 2015, iCare Thailand Foundation continued with our activities to reach the needy and underprivileged in Thailand.

With the help of many kind and concerned friends and supporters, our activities within the greater Bangkok area and upcountry provinces brought hope and assistance to many.

In addition to our usual projects at various orphanages, hospitals, developing communities and other institutions in the past year, iCare Thailand Foundation made a special effort to focus on youth motivation and development. Our future lies in the hands of our youth. With this vision in mind, we were able to reach out to various youth, whether they be from schools and universities to government institutions and rehabilitation facilities, and inspire them to reach their full potential. We also emphasized the ability each one has to help those in need.

It was our privilege to work hand in hand with many concerned individuals, other volunteers, donors and supporters and we want to sincerely thank you for your kindness, compassion and generosity.

January - March 2015

  • Organized games, distributed presents, food and did fun activities for the children of the Poomwaet Boy’s Reception Home on National Children’s Day where iCare has had an ongoing program for many years.
  • Arranged sports day activity together with “Aussie Rules” club members at Bahn Poomvaet Reception Home for Boys. iCare Thailand Foundation donated sports equipment and toys.
  • On-going regular English program at Kredtrakarn Protection and Occupational Development Center to assist the teenage girls under their care with motivational classes designed to teach the girls social skills and practical usage of the English language to expand their possibilities for future employment.
  • Joined with Chulalongkorn Hospital to organize games and activities for terminally ill children and orphans from the Chulalongkorn Hospital Foundation. We also donated toys, arts and crafts materials, disposable diapers and bed pads.
  • Fun Activities for abandoned children under the care of Chulalongorn Hospital; donated toys & snacks.
  • Arranged activity with the children at Wat Boht Woradit Orphanage in Angthong Province which included distribution of donated household items, stationary, milk, snacks etc.

April - June 2015

  • Visited Baan Poomwaet Reception Home for Boys with “Aussie Rules” club members to teach football techniques.
  • Visited 3 border schools at Pro Pra district of Tak province; donated 1 month’s supply of food and household items for 700 children and did fun activities with the children.
  • Donated sportswear & sports equipment to Baan Poomwaet Boy’s Home.
  • Visited Dahn School in Chalermprakiet district of Nan Province to coordinate future projects for the children.

July - September 2015

  • Activity at Watsakaew orphanage with 1800 children and awarded full university scholarships to 2 outstanding students; donated dinner, sacks of milk and rice, snacks.
  • Project at Doi Wiengpa Wittaya School in Wieng Papao district in Chiang Rai province with 50 volunteers from Singapore for 6 days: cemented playground area, painted classrooms and murals by the playground and other areas, donated 10 pieces of playground equipment, sports equipment, 10 ceiling fans and basic necessities and toys for the children. Gave care packages to 8 of the neediest families of the school.
  • Visited and donated fresh fruit, vegetables and clothes to the Home for the Destitute Nonthaburi .
  • Arranged “McDonald’s Happy Meal” and arts and crafts activity at Bahn Mahamek Orphanage for 120 children.

October - December 2015

  • Organized special activity and lunch for 150 residents and staff of Baan Kredtrakarn. Donated T-shirts and essential toiletries to each girl.
  • Project at Bahn Dahn School in Chalermprakiet district of Nan Province; donated 64 sets of beds including mattresses, sheets, clothes drawers, food and household items, and care packs to many families.
  • Project at Bahn Kok June school in Pua district of Nan Province: bought supply of cooking gas for 6 months as well as PA system for the school. Did activities with the children and donated snacks. Donated care packages to 10 families of the children boarding at the school.
  • Participated in charity Walkathon fundraising event at Lumpini Park in Bangkok .
  • Project at Bahn Pa Tung school in Wiengpapau district of Chiang Rai Province; donated backpacks, shoes, socks, bed sheets, provided special lunch.
  • Project at Doi Wiengpa School in Wiengpapau district of Chiang Rai Province; gave first installment of 5-year scholarship to most outstanding and neediest student.
  • Visited 3 border schools at Pro Pra district of Tak province; donated food and household items for 1 month’s supply for 700 children; did fun educational activities with the children.
  • Christmas/New Year project at Doi Wiengpa school, Wiengpapau district of Chiang Rai province: donated toys for each of the 600 children, helped to set up the dormitories and provide additional furniture and other basic necessities.


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