Wat Sa Kaeo: Education Scholarship Program – Building for the Future

Wat Sa Kaeo: Education Scholarship Program – Building for the Future

Date: Jul 2016Location: Angthong

As the country’s largest orphanage, Wa Sa Kaeo, houses and cares for 1,600 children and is one of the many needy institutions that iCare Thailand Foundation has partnered with on a long-term basis.

On the 2nd of July, a team from iCTF and Helping Hands Brunei came together to provide university scholarships to 3 outstanding students from Wat Sa Kaeo. This scholarship program has been running for 3 years and has already provided full scholarships for 8 students to attend any university in Thailand giving them a chance for a brighter future and a way to use their abilities to positively impact society.

In addition to the university scholarships, incentives and rewards were given to each of the other children with the top 100 students from Wat Sa Kaeo receiving 200 baht pocket money and each of the other orphans receiving 100 baht. This is a great highlight for the children, providing recognition for the hard work they have put into their studies and motivating them to continue to strive for excellence.

Medicine, sports equipment, household necessities and medical supplies were also donated to the orphanage. To complete the day, a delicious dinner and ice cream was provided for all the children.

Thank you for helping to lay the foundation for a brighter future for Wat Sa Kaeo and the 1,600 orphans living there.

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