Mahamek Boys’ Home Development and Advancement Program

Mahamek Boys’ Home Development and Advancement Program

Date: Aug 2016Location: Bangkok

iCare Thailand Foundation has continued to host its very successful and long-term Development and Advancement Program at the Mahamek Boys’ Orphanage under the Department of Social Welfare and Development of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Human Security. The children are always so happy to see our volunteers when they arrive each week, and we continue to see wonderful progress on the part of each of the children.

The fact that this is and has been an ongoing, weekly program has allowed us to develop a very positive rapport and warm relationship with the children, which in turn helps them to learn and grow more quickly in a loving and friendly environment. Each of the children come from a variety of traumatic backgrounds, and having the opportunity for them to have that personal interaction with our volunteers consistently each week has had an obvious positive impact on their little lives and hearts.

It’s also very rewarding for us to see how the boys are progressing and how they go on to become successful members of society, thanks also to the wonderful work of the Mahamek Boys’ Home dedicated staff and teachers. We continue to see and hear stories of what so many of our former students have done and accomplished over the years, and about half of them continue to return to help out at the orphanage and to teach and mentor the new children coming in.

Once again, you, our kind friends and partners, make projects like this one possible, and with your help and support we hope to carry this program forward for a long time to come.

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