iCTF Year End Review 2013

It’s been said that there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. A pebble thrown into the water creates ripples that expand and grow long after the pebble has disappeared from view. Every act of kindness you have shared with us is just like that pebble, the ripples from which have reached so many all over Thailand. Your compassion and concern have played an important role in all we have accomplished. Your support and generosity this past year has enabled us at iCare Thailand Foundation to fulfill our purpose of helping those in need.
When people join together to accomplish a purpose or fulfil a need that’s greater than what they could do on their own, it’s called partnership. We at iCare Thailand Foundation want to thank each of you–our friends and sponsors–for your faithful partnership, and for making our work possible through your generosity and support. We couldn’t have done it without you.
Following is a brief summary of the various projects and activities we have been able to do this past year, thanks in large part to your faithful support.
We look forward to a wonderful and meaningful future of cooperation with you –throwing out many more pebbles of kindness that will send ripples of hope and positive change that will reach far and wide.

January 2013

  • Project at Bahn Ja-kue School in the mountains of Chiangrai province. We conducted an English camp, motivational activities and games, and donated sports equipment, school supplies, stationery and food.
  • Visited hospital ward for terminally ill children at Chulalongkorn Hospital to share hope and encouragement with the children, caregivers and staff through fun activities; donated disposable diapers, school supplies and snacks.
  • Donated diapers to Baan Feungfah Home for Disabled Babies in Pakkred.
  • Participated in a “Kidney Awareness Campaign” at Chulalongkorn Hospital.
  • Promoted Thai culture on a Channel 11 TV Talk Show.
  • Participated in Children’s Day activities at The Senate of Thailand.
  • Various activities at Phoomvet Home for Boys in Pakkret.
  • Presented a Thai musical performance at an event for members of the Thai Supreme Court.

February 2013

  • Organized fun educational activities and donated toys, rice, and diapers to the Nakorn Sawan Orphanage in Nakornsawan province.
  • Visited with residents of Baan Khao Bor Kaew Senior Citizen’s Home in Phayuhakeeree district of Nakornsawan Province; donated adult disposable diapers.
  • Promoted Thai culture by performing “Li-kae” (traditional Thai opera) on popular Channel 3 show, “Tuk Jai Hai Leuy”.
  • Delivered donated diapers to Baan Feungfah Home for Disabled Babies and Phayathai Babies’ Home in Pakkred.
  • Visited Baan Rajawadee Home for Mentally Disabled Children and also donated disposable diapers.
  • Donated adult diapers to Phranangklao Hospital in Nontaburi province.
  • Participated in Kidney Awareness Campaign for World Kidney Day.

March 2013

  • Promoted Thai Culture through a Channel 9 TV show featuring the world-famous sport, Thai Boxing.
  • Assisted in fundraising activities for the yearly Red Cross Fair at Suan Amporn in Bangkok.
  • Organized activities to bring happiness and comfort to terminally-ill children at Chulalongkorn Hospital.
  • Visited Baan Rajawadee Home for Mentally Disabled Children; donated disposable diapers.

April 2013

  • With assistance from members of the business community, we coordinated a monetary donation to the following 5 institutions for the handicapped to help supplement their daily needs (food, hygiene supplies, etc.): home for mentally disabled children (Rajawadee Boys ‘ Home and Rajawadee Girls’ Home) , home for disabled babies (Baan Fuengfah), home for children with disabilities (Baan Nontapoom), and home for disabled people in Pakkred.
  • Donated diapers to Rangsit Babies’ Home in Pathumthani Province.
  • Organized motivational activities to help teach life skills to orphans and poor hill tribe children at the Wat Sak Kaew Orphanage in Ang Thong Province; provided special lunch and dessert.
  • Visited senior citizens at Baan Joseph Home for Senior Citizens in Khonkhaen Province ; delivered donated adult diapers.
  • Life skills and English training at Khaen Thong Children’s Home in Khon Khaen Province; donated diapers and snacks.
  • Excursion with oprahans from Mahamek Boys’ Home to a 5-star hotel to help in adaptation training and building life skills.

May 2013

  • Major Project at Baan Ja–Kue, a remote poor school in Chiang Rai Province, which provided the children with bunk beds, bedding, shelves, school desks, sports equipment, food items, clothes, etc.
  • Assisted in exchange program for students from Southern Thailand.

June 2013

  • Donated educational materials in Thai and English and organized activities for a poor school for hill tribe children in Petchaboon Province.
  • Organized a 2-day English Camp for underprivileged children at A.H. Link School in Petchaburee Province.

July 2013

  • Visited home for children affected by HIV/AIDS (Sarnelli House) in Nong Kai Province: organized an English Program and various activities; donated diapers, bedding, sports equipment, school supplies, clothes, food and computers.
  • Organized an English program and fun character building activities at a home for orphans at the Mae Sot Border in Tak Province; donated food, clothes, educational material and sports equipment.
  • Organized a 2-day English camp for an underprivileged School in Aranyapratet.

August 2013

  • Organized an English Camp and donated special lunch with ice cream to all the students at Wat Bot Woradit School in Ang Thong Province.
  • Went to Wat Sa Kaew Orphanage in Ang Thong province: organized fun English Program with special lunch and ice cream for all the children.
  • Delivered educational materials in Thai and English to underprivileged students at Tha-kham School on the Arranyapratet Border in Sakaew Province.
  • In cooperation with the Mitpracha Unit of the Royal Thai Airforce, we assisted in activities and donated needed items to Nakorn Luang School (Piboonprasertwit) in Ayuthaya Province.

September - October 2013

  • Presented a seminar on “Philanthropy in the International Arena” at Sasin Graduate Institute of Chulalongkorn University.
  • Cooperated with Thai-Illinois Association in Chicago, U.S.A., to raise scholarships for underprivileged children in Khon Khaen Provice.
  • At Pakkred Reception Home for Boys, we arranged an outdoor sports activity and served a special nutritional lunch with ice cream to all the children.
  • Conducted a flood relief project in Prachinburi Province, delivering aid packages to 250 flood victims and their familes.

November 2013

  • Organized a second flood relief project at Baan Sarng, Prachinburee Province and delivered aid packages to flood victims.
  • Visited Home for Disabled Babies twice to deliver disposable diapers.
  • Visited Home for Mentally Disabled Girls (Baan Rachawadee) twice to share support and encouragement and deliver disposable diapers.
  • Arranged 2 outdoor sports events at Pakkred Reception Home for Boys (Baan Phoomvet) in Pakkred, served lunch & icecream to all the children, and donated sports equipment.
  • Visited the ward for terminally ill children at Chulalongkorn Hospital and the patients at The National Cancer Institute together with Pana Wekke Company and Clowns without Borders to encourage the patients.and to distribute snacks, toys and hygiene products.
  • Participated in a flood relief project with the Royal Thai Air Force in Phitsanulok Province.

December 2013

  • Performed special show in Honor of His Majesty the King’s Birthday at Rama IX Park and Sanam Luang.
  • Arranged Christmas/New Year Party at Baan Phoomvet Reception Home for Boys; served a special lunch and gave a gift to each child.
  • Visited Viang Pa Wittaya School in Chiang Rai Province to deliver computers, tables, bedding, dried food, sports equipment, and stationery. We also arranged a lilvely English seminar for the students and staff.
  • Shared encouragement and hope with the patients and staff at the National Cancer Institute in Bangkok with a lively music therapy program to help relieve stress and bring happiness and comfort.
  • With assistance from various sponsors, a donation of clothes, sports equipment, hygiene products and other supplies was given to Baan Kredtrakarn Home for Women.

Regular Weekly Projects

  • English With Meaning Club: a youth leadership development program at Kasertsart University which includes English conversation and training in community service. Students also receive accreditation from the University for their participation. (48 times/year).
  • Mahamek Advancement Program at Mahamek Boys Orphanage under the Department of Social Welfare and Development of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Human Security (48 times/year)
  • “Be A Friend” Project at Poomwaet Boys’ Reception Home: includes English training, character building lessons, donating needed items, and organizing sports days and team-building activities (minimum of 48 times/year).
  • We also deliver donated fresh fruits and vegetables to various institutions in the Pakkret area every week (48 times/year).


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